There are four houses at CPWS- Īorêar, Wynnāc, Cēning, and Tīrnyd. Īorêar is known for its clever students, Wynnāc is known for its kind ones, Cēning is known for its fun pupils, and Tīrnyd is known for its smart ones.

The House SymbolsEdit

Each house has its own unique symbol. Īorêar's is a crow, Cēning's is a sun, Wynnāc's is a leaf, and Tīrnyd's is a pencil. 

The Common Rooms and DormsEdit

Īorêar- a tower located on the western side of the academy

Wynnāc- an underground hollow underneath the school

Cēning- a tower located on the eastern side of the academy

Tīrnyd- a secret room hidden in the walls of the school
  • Cēning Common Room
  • Wynnāc Common Room
  • Tīrnyd Common Room
  • Īorêar Common Room