Potions Class is one of the four core classes at CPWS. It is taught by Professor Nini.

Levels Edit

Like all the other core classes, there are three levels in potions class- beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Beginner Edit

The Beginner class for Potions consists of five lessons, each teaching one potion. At the end of the course, the pupil will have learned five basic potions. There is also some talk about ingredients and their purposes in this course.

Intermediate Edit

This course is slightly more advanced than the Beginner course, and it has five lessons. Like the first level, one potion is taught each lesson, but they are more difficult. This course also goes more in- depth about ingredients. At the end of the course, the pupil will have learned five challenging potions, along with a good knowledge of ingredients.

Advanced Edit

The Advanced potions course is a very challenging class, and it should only be taught to very gifted and smart students. It has the same amount of lessons the first two have, five lessons. Unlike the first two levels, two potions are taught each lesson, so at the end of the course the pupil will have learned ten difficult potions. This course doesn't focus much on ingredient, but they do talk about where to find them.

Required Materials Edit

There are many required materials for Potions Class. Students will have to bring their textbook, ingredients, wand, and cauldron.

Textbooks Edit

Each level has a different textbook. The beginner class has Magical Drafts and Potions, the intermediate has Potions! A Brewer's Guide, and the advanced class had Advanced Potion Making.

Cauldron Edit

Each student must bring their own cauldron to class. The easiest kind to use is a Pewter Cauldron, for it is light, it brews quickly, and it is very simple to brew with. Students can also bring different cauldron desgins as long as they are suitable for school.

Ingredients Edit

This is not required in the first two levels of potions, for the ingredients are given out there. But in Level Three, it is necassery. The professor will instruct the students on which potions the class with be doing the next day, and the pupils will have to collect the ingredients for next class. If forgotten, the student will not make a potion.

Wands Edit

A wand is necessary for students in Potions Class because it is used to complete each potion making stage. When a pupil finishes the mixture, they must wave their wand in order for the potion to work.